About city

Tomsk achieved the name of "student's city" thanks to variety of educational, scientific and cultural institutions.

Youth from all over Russia as well as neighboring countries is attracted by the great amount of Universities of Tomsk which is considered to be a city of students. Every 7-th of the popularity of Tomsk is a student, that's why you will definitely feel this special atmosphere of "young-ancient" city Tomsk.

The uniqueness of Tomsk lies not only in it's scientific and cultural value. The city today represents an amazing combination of an antique and modern architecture which forms it's inimitable appearance.

The city is located two hours by train from the important railway line and it will take you 4,5 hours to get to Novosibirsk - so-called capital of Siberia.

You can easily get to different cities by plane as there is a Bogashevo airport which is 30 minutes by bus from the city center.

Usefully established public transport routs provide easy and comfortable access to any city district. And ofcourse you can also use a taxi, trolleybus or a tram.
In 2004 Tomsk selebrated it's 400 annivesary. The appearance of the city changed: quite a lot of recreation areas were reconstructed, new fountains and parks were built.

Tomsk is flourishing with new colors and kindly welcomes his guests!